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Why Ethics Matter

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Beginning of life and end-of-life are the times when we are most vulnerable. In both of these stages, special care must be conscientiously and deliberately provided. But too many times in recent years, it hasn’t been. Those in our world that show no regard and outright take advantage of our vulnerable are candidly reprehensible.

June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, bringing light to the darkness of abuse, neglect and exploitation that affects one in ten older adults. You can learn more about this campaign by visiting their website at

Caring With Grace believes that ethics play a crucial role in guiding our actions, both as a business and as care managers. Our Mission: At Caring With Grace, we provide compassionate and comprehensive individualized care for our clients and their families. Our goal as care manager is to inform and guide those we serve in order to ease the burdens and challenges of aging or disability.

Arguably, a company’s ethics matter more in today’s world than ever. Caring With Grace adopted and adheres to the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics implemented by The Aging Life Care® Association. This is a lengthy document, but we encourage you to read on to better understand what we, as care managers, believe.

If you have questions or comments about the Code Of Ethics and Standards of Practice, you can submit them here.


Aging Life Care Professionals® (also known as geriatric care managers) have varied educational and professional backgrounds with a specialized focus on issues associated with aging and disabilities. Through consultation, assessment, care coordination and advocacy, an Aging Life Care Professional works with clients and families to address these challenges.

The Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice were developed to guide the Aging Life Care Professional in his or her daily professional and business practices. The ethical principles at the core of the Code of Ethics are the foundation for the Standards of Practice.

Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice is available at the following link:

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