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Caring On Call 

Proactively Planning for Your Own Aging

Tailored to those who are looking ahead to the time that health or aging requires a professional advocate, Caring With Grace has developed a unique level of support, Caring On Call, to assist you in proactively planning for your care into the future. 

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Caring on Call Benefits

  • Assignment of a care manager 

  • An initial, in-home assessment and on-going annual visits to identify new needs and updated information 

  • Quarterly check-in calls 

  • Guidance on health and living options. 

  • Availability of a care manager for more involvement as requested 

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Assessment & Monitoring

  • Can I stay in my home as I age? 

  • If I decide to move, what are my best options? 

  • How do I manage the different needs or preferences of my spouse or partner? 

  • If the time comes that I need assistance, what help is available? 

  • How do I develop a support network if I am a solo ager and how do I engage them in my planning? 

Our compassionate and knowledgeable care managers at Caring With Grace are ready to partner with you. Find peace of mind as you address the challenges of aging with an individualized plan that suits your needs and resources. Gain an advocate and answers to your questions through the support of our experienced team. 

To get started with your Caring On Call plan, call or text a Caring With Grace team member at 214-775-9969, email us at, or fill out the form below.

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