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Helping those you love live with dignity

Aging Life Care® professionals providing guidance

to families caring for aging or disabled loved ones.

Our Mission

Seniors Socializing

At Caring with Grace, we provide compassionate and comprehensive individualized care for our clients and their families. Our goal as care managers is to inform and guide those we serve in order to ease the burdens and challenges of aging or disability.

You may need a care manager if...

• Your loved one is missing medication doses or having difficulty staying organized

• The number of doctors visits or hospitalizations is becoming overwhelming to the older person or to you

• You are concerned about self-care and/or nutrition

• You have observed memory problems or uncharacteristic behaviors

• Conflicts within your family have developed regarding how best to care for your loved one's needs

• The primary caregiver (you, the spouse or another) is experiencing increasing stress

• You suspect the present living arrangements are not safe

In Good Hands

Private Nursing Services

• Medication coordination and preparation

• Home nursing visits

• Vital sign monitoring

• Dressing changes and wound care

• Oversight of home care and caregivers

• Supplemental hospice care

older woman

Assessment & Monitoring

• Comprehensive assessment using accredited methods

• Overview of physical, mental, location, resources and wishes

• Personalized interpretation of results

• Care plan with obtainable action items and check lists

• Hourly, daily, weekly and/or monthly monitoring

• Help and advice only a phone call away

• Care of multiple family members

Woman & Doctor

Planning & problem-solving

• Gathering and interpreting client medical data

• Consideration of financial and location variables

• Coordinating current and future care

• Problem-solving in emergency situations

• Phone consultations for family members or caregivers

• Sharing resources to provide understanding

• Daily, weekly and monthly updates as needed

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